In the year 2000 a Plague was born. Since then it has ravaged the ears of mankind. Spreading across continents and leaving many forever changed in its wake.

The plague was terrifying because it struck so swiftly. Victims succom within days, in agony from fevers and infected swellings. It spread at a horrifying rate and could ravage a town or even a city within weeks. With no cure, the authorities relied on drastic methods to contain it – Dance.

The raw infectious rhythms of Prospero can be cured by thrashing and dancing wildly.

Prospero is an industrial/rhythmic noise project by Canadian musician Wade Anderson and Steve Sandford (DJ Hangedman) of Toronto. Prospero was founded in early 2000. Hangedman joined the cast in 2011 to bring a fresh perspective (and Bagpipes) to the veteran industrial project.

In 2001, Anderson co-founded sub.session.records, and it was on this label that Prospero’s first release, a limited edition CDr A Storm Is Coming was released.

Prospero’s second release, a double CD entitled Spreading the Infection, was released in 2004 as a split release between sub.session media and France’s brume records. Prospero has contributed tracks to a number of compilations, including Sub.Session and Duo.Tone released by sub.session.records; Saturation Bombing I and II and [tik]co:man:d[sic] by TIK Recordings. As Prospero, Anderson has remixed tracks for other notable [rhythmic noise] artists such as Empusaes:cage and Converter.

In 2008 Prospero signed to Artoffact Records to release his 3rd CD, Folie à Deux and 4th CD, Turning Point.

2014 re-introduces sub.session.records, on which Paradise or Apocalypse has been released.

Notable Live Performances

  • The Art of Fact Records Showcase [with Legend, Volt 9000 and Encephalon] (2013)
  • EBMfest 2011, Toronto, Canada (2011)
  • DarkRave, 100th anniversary party, Toronto, Canada (2008)
  • C.O.M.A. 3 Festival, Montreal, Canada (2006)
  • C.O.M.A. 2 Festival, Montreal, Canada (2005)
  • Saturation Bombing 2 Festival, Toronto, Canada (2004)
  • Saturation Bombing Festival, Toronto, Canada (2003)

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