Typhoid and Swans

Posted 20 Jul 2017 in slider

Remixed, Rare and Unreleased
Featuring new remixes by Assemblage 23 and nTTx. Unreleased tracks and rare classics.

01. The World That I See
02. Let the Planet Burn (Assemblage 23 remix)
03. Monster (Under My Bed remix by nTTx)
04. Insomnia (Remix by Vertigo)
05. Fury of the Tempest (Remix by This Morn’ Omina)
06. Fallen Angel (Witchcore mix by V Combust)
07. Junkyard Witchcraft (DEMO version)
08. Infection (Remixed by Xorcist)
09. Calm Before the Storm (DEMO version)
10. The World That I See (Remixed by Converter)
11. Exodus [EVE Online 2004 | Theme Cover)
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