Paradise or Apocalypse

Posted 14 Mar 2014 in slider

Prospero’s 5th album, Paradise or Apocalypse, is an electro-tribal departure. Sharp arpeggiated synth lines contrast with heavy tribal drums, haunting lead female vocals and crunching distorted beats. Talented Toronto DJ and musician Hangedman joins the cast to add a fresh perspective (and bagpipes) to this veteran industrial noise project. iVardensphere and Daniel Myer (of Haujobb and Architect fame) add key remixes to this dark and captivating journey.


01. kinich ahau
02. el mirador
03. monster
04. chaos frequency
05. vollies
06. totemic persistence
07. the only light in the darkness
08. heavy water
09. curse breaker
10. kinich ahau [daniel myer remix]
11. chaos frequency [iVardensphere remix]
12. monster [jonah k remix]
13. el mirador [pulse plant remix]
14. monster [hangedman version]


Posted by Prospero