Turning Point

Posted 24 Nov 2010 in Uncategorized

Prospero has collaborated with the likes of Terrorfakt, Converter, Displacer, Assemblage 23, DYM, and several other respected artists in his long career. Turning Point is Prospero’s third studio album (second for Artoffact) and features nine new tracks, five remixes, and guest appearances from Toronto’s Fractured and Mara’s Torment, as well as a special surprise remix from Xorcist. The album mixes industrial, noise, heavy guitar and ambient, delving into musical spaces that other producers can only dream of. Turning Point will go down as one of the most innovative albums of the year!

DUE: FEB-2011

01. turning point 4_31
02. taiko’s prophet 6_25
03. fallen angel 5_01
04. (introduction to my) discipline 2_49
05. hunter 3_54
06. reach 4_06
07. louisiana voodoo 6_04
08. chemical plague 3_42
09. growth and decay 2_57
10. taiko’s prophet (fractured remix) 4_01
11. turning point (xorcist remix) 8_39
12. fallen angel (witchcore mix by v combust) 4_03
13. extinct (mara’s torment remix) 7_41
14. fallen angel (guidestone remix) 4_58


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