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Typhoid and Swans

Posted 20 Jul 2017 in slider

Remixed, Rare and Unreleased • 2017 Prospero's 15th Anniversary Featuring new remixes by Assemblage 23 and nTTx. Unreleased tracks and rare classics from out of print albums.

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Paradise or Apocalypse

Posted 14 Mar 2014 in slider

Prospero's 5th album, Paradise or Apocalypse, is an electro-tribal departure. Sharp arpeggiated synth lines contrast with heavy tribal drums, haunting lead female vocals and crunching distorted beats. Talented Toronto DJ and musician Hangedman joins the cast to add a fresh perspective (and bagpipes) to this veteran industrial noise project. iVardensphere and Daniel Myer (of Haujobb and Architect fame) add key remixes to this dark and captivating journey.

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Folie à deux
[the elements
and the madness]

Posted 22 Sep 2010 in slider

2008 album featuring; Ayria, Terrorfakt, Battery Cage and It Clings.
This album was written at two different stages of the artists life. As if by two different people. Folie à deux, which means "the madness of two" was chosen to represent this duality. The elements are the newer segment of work and mesh better with the 2011 CD "Turning Point." Both are a step away from the more "club friendly," four on the floor beats of Prospero's early work.

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A Storm is Coming

Posted 01 Sep 2010 in slider

2002 CD-R, released by sub.session.records. The early years. A taste of things to come. This limited edition CD-R was released during the construction of the "Spreading the Infection" 2 disc master work and is now only available on iTunes. Eye of the Storm (remixed by Displacer) remains a fan favourite of the last decade.